WP eBay Product Feeds – Extra Spam Checker launched!

Since one of us here at Auction Request also created WP eBay Product Feeds, it makes sense that the plugin and this site do tend to work well with each other. It’s this cooperation that has lead to a new tool – our WP eBay Product Feeds – Extra Spam Checker helper plugin.

This plugin, designed for WordPress, improves the spambot checking that currently exists inside WP eBay Product Feeds. It pings external servers to check if the traffic is a bot, and if it is, your listings are hidden. (It has to be in a separate plugin, rather than embedded into WP eBay Product Feeds, as WordPress.org’s repository doesn’t allow pinging external sources).

We’ve been testing this plugin with some of our heavier users who use WP eBay Product Feeds, and it seems to work well, so we’re offering it up to everybody now.

Visit the WP eBay Product Feeds – Extra Spam Checker page on this site for more details, instructions on how to use the plugin, and how you can help us, or alternatively please click this button to download the plugin.

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