Two New Tools (and a blog!)

Today I’ve spent some time working on the site to introduce two new tools. These tools are designed to complement the link generator, making it easy for you, the user, to do simple things. This is based on feedback we have received.

The first tool is a eBay dynamic feed generator to Auction Request feeds converter. This exists because people were looking for a way to convert their old feeds to the new feeds as they had thousands of pages. I wasn’t comfortable in writing an SQL script which could go wrong, so instead that is a one size fits all solution. It’s not automated, but it should save some time.

The second additional tool is a free to premium URL converter. We’ve spotted that a number of people when upgrading start with free, test on a few URLs and then when they are happy with the free version upgrade to premium. This tool will hopefully make it a bit easier for users to change their links once they’ve upgraded to premium.

Also, we’ve created a blog! We’ve got a bunch of new exciting things to talk about so I felt it was a good way to share these announcements.

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